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Book | Luxury Toys For Men
Book | Luxury Toys For Men
Book | Luxury Toys For Men
Book | Luxury Toys For Men
Book | Luxury Toys For Men


Book | Luxury Toys For Men


Unlike our childhood toys, think rubber ducks and wooden planes, this book is concerned with the finest objects and experiences that life has to offer. As you will see, once in the hands of world-renowned designers and engineers, the mundane becomes sublime.

These artists orchestrate the creation of things that inspire wonder, respect, and imagination. Within each section of this book you will find the most extravagant leisurely pursuits, regalia, and cuisine represented. Far from small playthings, they represent entire industries dedicated to providing the most engaging and exhilarating experiences possible. We do not claim this list to be comprehensive. Rather, it goes a step beyond to feature the most highly-regarded identifying markers of influence, taste, and lifestyle.


Edited: Nathalie Grolimund


30,5 x 38 cm

304 pages





3,4 kg


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